Seeds of Hope 4 Week Guide (PDF format)

Seeds of Hope 4 Week Guide (PDF format)

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Seeds of Hope: A 4 Week Guide Through Seasons of Loss & Waiting

We have all been through a lot in this past season, haven't we? It can be overwhelming and exhausting to navigate our way through the amounts of loss, disappointment, and darkness we have all experienced in the last year.

This is a 4 Week Guide intended to be used for reflection, prayer, and a variety of creative practices for individuals or communities on the journey from “sowing in tears” to “reaping with songs of joy.” (Psalm 126).

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A downloadable epub book designed for an individual retreat time with Jesus or with friends. This guide will lead you through 4 different stages of spiritual transformation. This guide contains:
  • 4 images of the original Seeds of Hope paintings that represent each stage of the journey
  • Embodied Prayer Practices
  • Scripture that connects with each section
  • Reflection questions