New Creation Resource Pack
New Creation Resource Pack
New Creation Resource Pack

New Creation Resource Pack

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3 Guided Reflections to Receive God's Work in Your Life

This guide will help posture your heart to receive whatever new creation the Holy Spirit wants to unfold in your midst through three movements: entering the chaos, waiting for life, and emerging as the new creation. 

Each session is followed by journal prompts. 

This package, and all linked material are created by Bette Dickinson, and it includes:

A guided meditation on the painting, "Hovering Over the Waters" (art+written reflection) on a painting of the Holy Spirit hovering over creation as you consider what areas in your life, or world, seem formless, void, and in a state of chaos. 

- A contemplative walk (audio) over Acts 2 enter the experience of the disciples as they waited to receive the Holy Spirit and practice three posture prayers to help position our bodies and souls to receive the new thing.

- A guided meditation on the painting, "Home" (video) with follow up reflection questions to help us ponder what new creation may be emerging from the Spirit's work in our lives. We close with a breath prayer.

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